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The chain reaction and domino community is full of talented builders, all of whom have their own unique styles. Here are some of my favorites.


TheInvention11 logo.png

Joel's machines are consistently flawless. Every genius idea is meticulously designed and crafted to maximize the viewer's enjoyment.

TheContraptionKing logo_edited.jpg

Zane has the unique ability to think of simple ideas that are nonetheless original and clever, which makes his style easy to follow but incredibly fun.

Joseph's Machines logo.jpg

Joseph is the master of incorporating humor into his machines, whether it's through the objects used, a subversion of expectations, or outright wackiness.

Sirgabealot G logo.JPG

The ideas that Gabe builds range from technically impressive to aesthetically satisfying, and everything in between, but they are always breathtaking. 

Sprice Machines logo.jpg

Every machine Steve makes features so much variety in form, pathing, and structure. And with a massive arsenal of supplies, no two machines are alike.


DaksDominoes logo.png

Derek & Alex are two of the most creative minds in dominoes. They have mastered the blend between machines and dominoes, and every project impresses.

Flash Domino logo.png

Alex specializes in the philosophical aspect of chain reactions and dominoes, which is evident in both his projects and his video essays.

MarDominoes logo.jpg

Nathan is extremely technically gifted. Every build always features new structure designs, building techniques, and domino effects.

bpdoles logo.JPG

Brady's mastery of color is unparalleled. Every project looks aesthetically pleasing, and has some of the most intricate pathing you'll see in domino art.

one oh one logo.JPG

Gabe leans hard into dominoes as pure art. Every project is true modern art, jam-packed with symbolic meaning, and visual metaphor.


Join the official Domino & Machine Community Discord server to hang out with these and other chain reaction artists and enthusiasts!

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