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A collection of chain reaction projects I've built and/or helped build for clients for commercials, live events, and trade shows.


Sylvania wanted me to build another machine to celebrate their sponsorship of the official Rube Goldberg competition, so I brought in chain reaction artists Joel Yantha and Steve Price to go even bigger and better.


I was hired by Sylvania to build a machine that showcased the different places their products could be used (home, office, school, etc.). The machine took 11 days to make!


Chain reaction artist Joel Yantha and I built this machine at a trade show for Avis Budget Group. The machine is meant to showcase the features of the Avis app and demonstrate the steps of the car rental process. This machine took us 2 days to build.


In collaboration with chain reaction artist Steve Price, I built this outdoors chain reaction using Little Tikes toys for The Ellen Show. This machine took 3 days of work between the two of us.


I was part of a group of 5 chain reaction and domino artists who helped build this 32,000-domino setup featuring several machine components. The project was built to celebrate the opening of Toy Story Land at Disney World.


In collaboration with 9 other chain reaction and domino artists, I helped with this project for Gillette to announce their new delivery service, Gillette on Demand.

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