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Domino Masters is a competition reality TV show in which teams of domino/chain reaction artists compete for $100,000 and the title of "Domino Masters." I was the chain reaction expert on the winning team of the show, which aired on FOX from March-May 2022. 

My teammates were professional domino artists Derek & Alex Koops from DaksDominoes. Together our team was the Dominerds. I could not have asked for a better team, we always got along perfectly, and our skill sets complemented each other seamlessly. It was a very strong team dynamic, and I feel so lucky I got to win Domino Masters alongside two of my best friends!

If you haven't heard of Domino Masters, this video is a "First Look" that gives a really good synopsis of the show format, gives you an idea of the scope of this whole thing (it's a primetime TV show that was filmed in an airplane hangar 😮) and includes some awesome shots of me/my team.

My team is not in every episode! Due to the format of the show (it's a tournament/bracket style), we don't appear until Episode 3, but the other episodes introduce you to the other teams, some of whom we ended up competing against. We were in 5 episodes total: Ep3, Ep6, Ep8, Ep9, & Ep10.

  • All of my team's topples were posted on YouTube; you can watch them all here.

  • I recreated some of the tricks I built on Domino Masters and combined them into one machine called the Domino Masters Machine.

  • I posted a YouTube video revealing the big news, but it's about more than just an announcement; I talk about why my involvement in Domino Masters still feels so surreal.

  • Now that the show is over, Domino Masters is now only available on Hulu

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