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Several chain reaction and domino artists from the community have hosted live events at local museums. Here are some of the live events I've participated in.

**All live events were made virtual or postponed altogether in 2020 & 2021**

the red machine thumbnail.JPG

In 2022, Reactica made its return at The Tech Interactive in San Jose. Hosted by chain reaction and domino artist Alex Huang, the event was themed around "Beating the Odds," and featured four color-coded sections of dominoes and chain reactions.


Domino artist Brady Dolan hosts an annual event at the Hands-On Museum in Ann Arbor, MI called Domino World. The event has a reputation of embracing modern domino and machine sensibilities, and taking more risks than most other live events.


Reactica is an annual event hosted by chain reaction and domino artist Alex Huang. In 2019, the team of 6 chain reaction artists attempted to break the Guinness World Record for Largest Rube Goldberg Machine.


Hosted by chain reaction artist Steve Price, the Incredible Science Machine is a huge live event. In 2017, the team of 19 builders broke the American Domino Record (250,000 dominoes) and built several machine sections around the theme "Game On!"

Alongside domino artists Michael Fantauzzo and Hayden Russell, I helped build the Brains in Motion event at the Strong Museum of Play in 2017. I was responsible for the machine section, which ended up having a perfect success rate.

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